Monday, October 5, 2015

Can you make a kenning? from the Word Spy

Dear Word Spies,

I wonder if you have ever thought of making up a kenning. 

A kenning????  

What's that???

Read on, my spies.   I look forward to hearing about some of your own wordy inventions!

from the Syllable-Peeker,


Hi Word Snoop, it's me, Betty Autumn.

Here is my Kenning, its called a Honey Bike. I have this sweet little wooden bike my sweet little brother rides on. When I was 8, I called it a Honey Bike and the name stuck. He is two and a half and he still rides and calls it the Honey Bike

Your Fellow Word Snoop,

Betty Autumn 

Dear Betty,

Looks like you are a natural!  Wonderful work (as always)

your mellifluous pal, 

The Word Snoop

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