Friday, September 7, 2012

After midnight... from Sophie

Dear Word Spy,
My name is Sophie. I am 11 and I live in Perth, Australia. I have read all of the Word Spy books and am obsessed with words. 
My sister, whose name is Miranda, had a test the other day. She asked what  onomatopoeia was. She came home that day looking more than confused. Once she had told me that she had no idea what  onomatopoeia was I came to the rescue and immediately told her the answer.
Later on she asked me how I knew and I told her the Word Spy told me. She is now reading the books too I'm sure in no time she will be as obsessed as me.
I think that the way you wrote the books made it so fun and enjoyable to read. It also made me feel like a real spy sneaking around and finding clues, when I was really just sitting in my lounge room reading a book. 
I love to use obsolete words in sentences and use words that I have come up with like ultradern meaning just after midnight when everybody is asleep.

Unfortunately I have to go now.

Kind regards

From Sophie

Dear Sophie, 

I couldn't be happier to hear about you and your sister's adventures with the Word Spy - I am so glad the book was helpful to her test. And I love the thought of you sitting in your lounge room having secret spying missions... I think the word ultradern is truly MAGNIFICENT (and a very good time of night for a word spy.) I hope you will put it in a few stories so that other people start using it as well. I definitely will - if you don't mind?

yours, ultradernishly, 

The Word Spy

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