Friday, September 7, 2012

Poetry and pollution from Clancy

Dear Word Spy, 

I need some words that would describe the pollution that we do on the earth.  I have to write a cinquain poem on pollution.  Can you think of any words?  I've thought of pollution, litter and waste.  

Your books are awesome.   Me and my friends are getting better at reading Braille.  I managed to memorise the letter A

From  Clancy
Dear Clancy,

First of all, I am very  sorry that is has taken me this long to reply to your post - it is probably too late for your cinquain about pollution - but here are some words anyway, just in case you feel like writing another one (I'd love to read any of your cinquains, btw). 

Stained, smeared, filthy, foul, stench, grime, grit,  devastation, debris, reek ...

AAGH I must stop, I'm getting depressed!

Wonderful to hear you are learning the Braille alphabet. I wonder which letter you are up to now?

your pal

The Word Spy

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