Monday, September 21, 2009

Rain, hail or snow from Gerald

Dear Word Snoop,

Which word do you like better - hail, snow, sleet or rain? I like them all. But maybe snow the best.

yours sincerely, Gerald

Dear Gerald,

You have picked some great words! I think I like hail. But then, that's because I like words with "h" in them...

Talking of snow - you know how we say "it snowed" - well did you know back six or seven hundred years ago people said: "it snew"? A poet from those times called Robert Mannynge wrote this in his poem "Chronicle": (remember spelling was different then too)

"Also thikke as snow that snew,
Or also hail that stormes blew."

Thick as snow that snew, what a great line!

from your sincere pal, The Word Snoop


  1. It snew! It sounds a bit Scottish, where it might snew as well.

  2. It certainly makes a good impression in a Scottish accent!


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