Sunday, September 6, 2009

From Evana the scrabble freak

Hi Word Snoop,

Do you like playing scrabble? It seems like it would be the sort of thing you would like.

From a scrabble freak, Evana

Dear Evana,

Yes! I love to play scrabble. Only I never win because I spend too much time thinking about all the wonderful words I could make, and am not very good at the little tiny words that you get lots of points for. But it's one of my big favourites.

I know people who play scrabble on Facebook. Have you ever played on line?

And have you heard of a way of playing scrabble called "squabble"? You have to snatch up the letters to make words very quickly - a bit too exciting for me...

from your scribbling scrabbling pal, The Word Snoop

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