Friday, September 25, 2009

Ouch from Zoe

Dear Word Snoop,

I read something very interesting in the dictionary. It's about ouch. Did you know that an ouch means a kind of brooch? Not just what you say when something hurts.

I think this is very interesting. I am going to read the dictionary again.

Do you ever read the dictionary?


Dear Zoe,

That is VERY interesting. I had never heard of an ouch before - but I've just gone to the dictionary and I see what you mean! Isn't that strange?

So now if someone says they are going to give you an ouch for your birthday, you will know they are not planning on kicking you in the shins...

I love to read the dictionary. You never get bored!

Thanks for telling me about this Zoe.

your pal, The Word Snoop

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