Sunday, October 25, 2015


Dear Spies and Snoops,

Well this is a real challenge! Look what the Word Spy found yesterday in the National Archives in Paris. 

A love letter in code from 1783  - from an unknown young woman to her cousin Pierre (who sadly died in a duel a few years later).

She wrote in code to keep her love a secret. If you look closely, you will see some of the letter are replaced with numbers.

Have a close look at the last two lines. 

32 S28S Q52 32 C2SS2R13 316113S D2  T1362R

Hem, one problem. She wrote in FRENCH. So you will need to know French to work out the code.

Hint - the word "JE" means "I".  In the letter, "JE" is "32"

I'll tell you the answer tomorrow!

yours 2085   2315184   191625 .....

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