Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weird and wonderful from Year 3

Dear Ursula A.K.A. The Word Spy,

We are Year 3 students and this term our teacher has taken us on the journey of The Word Spy.

We had to solve cryptic clues for each doorway to complete the labyrinth. After we had finished your creative and challenging activities we all agreed that The Word Spy was inspiring and thought-provoking.

We loved learning about:

- where words came from, that is, etymology
- portmanteau words
- words and feelings
- dingbat puzzles, quizzles and rebuses
- calligrams
- parts of speech
- punctuation
- anagrams and pangrams
- Spoonerisms

Most of all we could not hold our suspense when solving the final doorway. Logomaniac is the perfect word to describe the Word Spy and her followers.

Your creation of The Word Spy was phenomenal. It made us think in ways that are unique, weird and wonderful. We cannot wait to read the next Word Spy adventure.

Yours sincerely,

Year 3 Literacy Enrichment Group

Dear Year 3,

Thank you ALL for this beautiful message. I have sent a very special package to your school  to say another thank you - and a letter in which I have answered your other questions.

I am just DELIGHTED that you have been doing all the mysterious activities in The Word Spy Activity Book  - and am impressed that you have worked out the final puzzle.

Enjoy your holidays and keep on spying!


E-thiggle Ord-wiggle Py-siggle

(Hint: this is guinea pig Latin!)

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