Saturday, July 6, 2013

More wonderings from Cranebrook

Dear Word Spy,

- What gave you the idea for The Word Spy?
- Will you ever come to our school and meet us?
- How old were you when you first wrote a book?
- Do any of your children want to be authors too?
- Have you ever written any books for adults? (Not that Miss Jeffery minds, she loves your children’s books!!!)

From 5E in Cranebrook

Dear 5E,

These questions are great! here goes...

I got the idea when I was working on "The School Magazine" (he-hem, see last blog post!) I thought it would be fun to have a monthly column all about WORDS and after a while I had quite a few columns. Then my editor (and illustrator) Tohby Riddle said: hey Ursula, maybe you could turn this into a book?

It would be great to come to your school - maybe in Term 4?

Well, I was OLD when I had my first story published as a book. I think I was TWENTY-SIX. But I had been writing lots of stories before that, they just didn't turn into books.

About my children, I would love them to be writers. So fingers crossed!

I haven't ever really written a book for adults. Every time I sit down to write, what I feel like writing is a book for children. But lots of adults read children's books, so I feel as if I am writing for both adults and children.

Phew! Got through those. Hope you all have some strange and exhilarating wordy adventures this week.

yours, under sunny skies,

The Word Spy

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