Saturday, June 22, 2013

Some more questions from 5E

Dear Word Spy,

A few questions we wanted to ask:

- Are you writing anything at the moment?

- When did you first want to be an author and what inspired you to write? (Miss Jeffery knows the answer but she wants you to tell us)

- Did you have any trouble learning to read and write when you first started school?

- Are you friends with any other famous authors?

From the Word Spies in 5E.

Dear Wonderful Spord Wies of 5E,

Hmm, let's see about some of these questions.

I have just finished a book about a kangaroo. I have wanted to write this story for a LONG LONG time so I am very happy I have finished it. But it will be a little while yet before it is turned into a book you can borrow from the library or buy in a shop....

I first wanted to be a writer when I was six!  That was when I learned to read and I noticed that there was always someone's name printed on the front cover of the books I liked. I asked my mother why, and she said, "That's the author." I said: "What's an author?" and she said, "That's the person who makes up the story." Aha, I thought. I like making up stories. I will be an author when I grow up.

Yes, I was a bit slow learning to read and write at school. I didn't learn to read until about halfway through Year One. But then I read EVERYTHING I could find!

I do have some friends who are authors and illustrators.  Some of them I got to know while I was working on the NSW School Magazine - do you know it? have a look here

I worked with some wonderful author and illustrators there,  including Geoffrey McSkimming and Tohby Riddle (ah - that's a familiar name for Word Spies!)

I will answer some more of your questions as soon as I can.

your pal, 

The   L               SPY

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