Thursday, June 20, 2013

A few things from Miss Jeffery and fabulous 5E

Good morning Ursula! We had a few things we would like to ask and show you.

We have just finished reading Chapter 4 of The Word Spy. We’ve enjoyed anagrams, pangrams and lipograms. 

We have especially had fun making anagrams of our names. Some of them include Chemical Curl Troll, A Calamari Pearl and we even have a Romance among us!

A few of us have even been successful in writing pangrams. Here are a couple of examples:

Amazing Biography Can Default Everyone’s Faces. Girls Have Insane Jokes. Killer Lions May Need Octopus Poop.Queen Radical Stops Tragic Unicorns Vertically With Xylophones. You’re ZUPER!!!!
(By Maddie, Matilda and Claire)

A Boring Cat Dreamt Every Forty-Four Gods Hurt Invincible Jellybuns. Kindly Let Many more than Nine nice Orca whales Pass Quickly. Rother the Spaniel barked at The Yellow Umbrella When it was X-Rayed to Vote for Zebras.
(by Harry)

From your intrepid Word Spies,
Flame Derive and Messy Re Jiff

Dear Flame Derive and Messy Re Jiff and everyone in 5E,

Thank you SO MUCH for your messages and questions. And especially thank you for the fabulous anagrams and pangrams! (I wonder if any other word spies out there have made a pangram?)

Keep an eye out for answers to your other questions over the next week or so.

You are all TRULY sensational word spies.

yours in awe,

The Word Spy

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