Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Da da da from Betty Autumn

Dear Word Spy, 

My first word was "Da da da da" and my second word was "Gondola." 

Remember anagrams? I found a good anagram website; two anagrams of my name are "A Bumble Tree Uh Nutty," (ha ha) and "A Humble Buttery Tune." What is an anagram of "The Word Spy?"

We are making a pangram meal plan. This week we are eating: Autumn Applesauce, Buttered Bread, Crunchy Carrots, and Deviled Eggs.

In the "Word Snoop" I have almost finished cracking all the codes. I finished reading the "Word Snoop." It was a great book.

from Betty Autumn

Dear Betty,

It is so GOOD to hear from you! I love hearing from my snoops and spies all over the world.

Those are great anagrams - I had another look at The Word Spy and found DRY PET SHOW and WHY RED TOPS?  What do you think?

As for that pangram meal plan - YUM! I wish I was coming to your place for dinner. (Hmm, how about some Fried Fish and Green Grapes?)

I am very happy to hear that you have enjoyed reading "The Word Snoop". Your club membership kit is on its way! Hope to see you riding a gondola one day...

our-yay ord-way noopy-say al-pay,

The Word Snoop (aka the Word Spy)

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