Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Badge or badger? from Jacobojacob

Dear Word Spy,

I can't wait to get my club badge. Why is a badger called a badger? Does it wear your badge?

From your biggest fan ever


Dear JacoboJacob,

Well you might be right! It looks like one theory about the word "badger" is because it has a white spot on its head, that looks like a badge.

Never seen one wearing a Word Spy Club badge though!

(Your club badge is on its way.)

your friend in words,

the proudly badge-wearing Word Spy

PS At first when I read your message I thought you were asking me a riddle  - why is a badger called a badger? Hmm, let's try and find a funny answer to that one...

PPS Thanks for being my biggest fan!

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