Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Splishing and splashing from Lizzy 11

Dear Word Spy,

Where does the word iggit and meet come from??

Yours truly,


P.S In  one month and 14 days I'll be 12!

Oh and I swim a lot so Sunday I have a pre-meet. It's not really a swim meet but it counts if we beat a time. So wish me luck because I'm trying to get my 50 meter race from 43.08 to 30.00 

Dear Lizzy 11,

First things first -  GOOD LUCK with that swim! You sound like a very fast swimmer -  I'm truly impressed. And while we're at it, HAPPY BIRTHDAY  (Hmm, will your name change to Lizzy 12, I wonder?)

I guess you asked about the word "meet" because you are going to a swim-meet. This is an easy one  -  "meet" is just a way of saying a lot of people "meeting" together for sport. It's been used that way for about 100 years.

As for "iggit" - well, it can be a sort of slangy way of saying "idiot" - but actually I also discovered it's an Arabic word for omelette which is one of my very favourite things to eat. An omelette is when you beat up eggs and then cook them on a pan, a bit like making a pancake. That got me wondering - where does the word omelette come from? But that's for another post...

yours, cheering beside the pool,

The Word Spy

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