Sunday, September 16, 2012

Imagine! from Aisey

Dear Word Spy,

Imagine if we didn't have the word swim! I suppose someone would make up another word, but pretend that didn't happen. I mean, it's easy to say ' I go swimming' but to explain is hard. You have got to tell them about how to move your:


How to float. How to breath. How to...You get the point. Wouldn't it be VERY HARD just to tell a person you go swimming?

Another question.
Y is English so weird. Y can't we spell:

I know we sometimes do that in messages, but Y not normally?

My name is hard to pronounce the first time you C it. My name is Aisley. Ais means...a....three...three....toed....a three toed.....slo.................................................t...h. Never mind about that...Please reply and answer these questions!

-Your Three Toed Sloth friend,
Dear Aisley,
Wow, what a remarkable message - I love the way you describe how wonderful language is, through dissecting the simple word SWIM. How right you are - oops, I mean how right U R. Hmm, I guess if we only spoke in letters we wouldn't B A bl 2 s A 2 much!

Is your name pronounced Ashlee?  Or something else. Now, there is a name Ursula which has lots of different ways to say it. You can say  Ersh-a-la or  Ers-you-la  or Oors-oo-la  or even Ers-la. (I rather like the first one myself.)

But the BIG question is - are you REALLY a three-toed sloth? Or is that an AI??????????????

yours with a splash,

The Word Spy

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