Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shorthand mystery from Sam

Dear Word Spy,


I've finally bought a copy of your first book The Word Spy (Hooray!)

Secondly (and my main point):

I've got a hold of another copy of the first book from my local library. The shorthand on the 2 books are different on page 18. Is my bought one a newer edition? Please answer!

Yours till the end of space and time,


Dear Sam,

You are a SERIOUSLY observant Word Spy - I think you should be awarded a special Word Spy Medal for Supreme Word Spying. You are the first reader to have pointed this out!

I'll tell you what happened - the first time "The Word Spy" was printed, somehow by accident the shorthand on page 18 was put in upsidedown. So when it was time to print the book again, when all the copies had been sold, we made sure it was put in the right way up for the next lot of books. So the one in the library must be from the first printing, and the one you've got is from a later printing.

I am TRULY IMPRESSED, Sam. And I'm SO glad you have your own (corrected!) copy of the book.

yours in awe, also till the end of space and time ...

The Word Spy

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