Friday, March 2, 2012

Old maids with not much pop left from Stephanie

Dear Word Snoop(I like Spy better),

I was reading a comment from August 2009 about a word for unpopped popcorn. In the US, or maybe just in South Dakota -(I don't know. The US is wacky not being remotely unified in some aspects. Being individualized sometimes is overrated) - we call them "Old Maids". I'm not quite sure if Aussies or Europeans have that word. It might have slipped your mind.

Anyways, I have never heard of your site until today in my 2nd hour class in school from my Sociology teacher. I love it :) I will buy your books next time I'm near my computer :) Sweet site :)

From Stephanie

Dear Stephanie,

No, I have never heard of unpopped popcorn being called "old maids" - it is just delightful to discover this! I wonder if anyone out there knows any other nicknames for unpopped popcorn?

Thanks so much for taking the time to write and tell me - and I'm really glad you like my blog. (Big thank you to your Sociology teacher too!) I hope you will send me some more messages about interesting words or expressions that you come across.

lots of good reading wishes from

the Word Snoop (or Spy in Australia - AND South Dakota...)

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