Friday, March 9, 2012

X'vw wyrkwd xt yzt! from Sam

Dear Word Spy,

I know the answer to Sarah's code.The answer is:

Can you work it out?????? from your fan,Sarah.

You were right Word Spy, All of the vowels are replaced with a different letter.


Dear Sam,

Wwll dynw!

For those spies and snoops out there who don't remember Sarah's code, here it is:

"Cvn yyz wyrk xt yzt??????

frym yyzr fvn, Sarah"

As Sam says, the way this code works is the vowels in the sentence are replaced with other letters. That means instead of A E I O U, you put V W X Y Z.

Okay, Sam, seeing your brain is so sharp, here's another one to try:

Dcoes klie iths nca idrve uyo acrzy!

See if you can work out what this one says, and what the rule of the code is. Then you can write very STRANGE messages to your friends using it ...

Or maybe you have a code of your own to test the Word Spy with?

Tick-tick-tick (that's the sound of my brain ticking) from your friend,

The Word Spy

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