Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is it a D? from crispy cream donut

Dear Word Spy,

What's the missing letter for Chapter 4? I really need to know. Is it the letter D?

The sentence with the missing letter is: reae an astarly coes.

I know that the 'an' and 'coes' are 'and' and 'codes', but I'm not so sure if the missing letter is actually D because I can't seem to find the words for 'reae' and 'astarly'.

crispy cream donut

Dear crispy cream donut,

You are definitely right - the missing letter is D. I'll give you a hint. Put a D at the beginning of each word. Then there are two more Ds missing in the first word, and one more D missing in the second word.

Let me know how you go! BTW you are the most delicious person who has ever written to this blog.

From your hungry friend,

The Word Spy

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