Thursday, March 24, 2011

How old are you? from Jessamine

To Ursula,

I'm glad that you are making another book.

You did a fantastic job writing the Word Spy books.I am going to see
at the library if I can find your book called 'Goose Game' ( I think
that's the name)

When I was 4 I also read one of your books called 'the Terrible Plop'
I love your books.


p.s. How old are you? I'm 10

Dear Jessamine,

Another marvellous message! thanks for writing to me again. I'm glad you're going to look for my book "The Game of the Goose" - I think maybe it's my best book. (I wonder what you will think?)

And I'm also VERY glad to hear you read "The Terrible Plop"!

You are a great reader.

best wishes, from your everlasting friend,

The Word Spy

P.S. How old am I? I'll give you a hint. I'm nearly five times as old as you... (Got it?)

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