Thursday, March 24, 2011

How about a Maths Snoop? from Assady-Kay

Dear Word Snoop,

I'm guessing that all your fan mail starts with the sentence, "I'm such a big fan of your books!", well I would have started out that way, if I didn't want to get your attention.

I am reading you’re "The Word Snoop" book, and I love it! It has helped with my grammar, and my point of view of the English language, for my writing!

My mother was enthralled with the book, and how much I was learning (She has gotten a lot out of your book as well, *wink, wink*), before now she didn't know about "Rhyming Slang", "Lipogram's" (My spell check is saying that word doesn't exist! Ha!), or I don't even think she heard of "Euphemism".

My question is this: Would you mind writing a "Math Snoop", of all subjects, that is my weakness!



Dear Assady-Kay,

Thank you so much for your message - I'm sorry it took me a little while to answer - I've been away in a wonderful country called Spain! which has been very interesting, especially for a Word Snoop...

I couldn't possibly be happier than to hear how much you (and your mother) have been enjoying my book. This is the best news a Word Snoop could have.

Now, about the Maths Snoop, what a fantastic idea. Hmm, I wonder. I'm certainly working on a Word Snoop Activity Book at the moment. Maybe after that? There are so many wonderful things in the world of maths for snooping about.

thanks again for writing,

happy wishes from your pal, the Ord-way Noop-say

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