Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Join the Club! from Tomori

Dear Word Snoop,

I received your book 1 year ago for my 9th Birthday. I just turned 10. I am really fascinated by it. It is a really interesting book - I really did not know there were such things as comma punctuations.

I am in Europe right now, however, I may visit Africa again before I return to the US. I saw there was another book called the "Word Spy". Where can I get it? I do not see it here and as we are traveling , I do not have one address until we return to the US.

I wish there was a Word Snoop club.

Thank you!


Dear Tomori,

I wish there was a Word Snoop club too, what a great idea! Mmm, I wonder, maybe we could start one?

But first to answer your message - I am really happy to hear how much you've enjoyed "The Word Snoop". That other book you've seen, "The Word Spy", is actually the same book with a different name - that's it's title in Australia. This sometimes happens with books, they get new titles depending where they're sold. But there is actually another book which is a sequel to "The Word Snoop/Spy" and it's called "The Return of the Word Spy." It's published in Australia -you could get a copy through the internet, but probably not in the bookshops where you are now, so you might have to wait till you get back to the US and can have it sent to you. I hope you manage to read it somehow - if you enjoyed "The Word Snoop", I can bet you will enjoy this one.

You are an amazing traveller for such a young person - you must get up to a lot of snooping on words in all those different countries!

Thanks again for writing, lots of happy reading and spying and snooping and everything else, from

The Word Snoop

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