Saturday, November 20, 2010

Spy or Snoop? from an eleven-year-old reader

Dear Word Spy,

If this looks like I am commenting on someone else's question, I am quite sorry for my ludicrous actions, but I do not know how I am supposed to comment.

I am eleven years old, and I love your book "The Word Spy". I only have one question: what is the difference between The Word Snoop and The Word Spy? Because, it has a different title, and it is different at the back. Also, is "The Return of the Word Spy" any different?

Thank you, and I hope you answer my questions (no matter how silly they are).

P.S. Have you read "L Is Forr Lollygag"?

Dear Fellow Word Spy,

Your questions are not at all silly (and isn't ludicrous a great word?)

"The Word Snoop" is almost exactly the same as "The Word Spy" - it's just what the book is called in North America. And there are a few little changes inside - like instead of the song "Click Go the Shears" as a text message they've put "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" - because if you are American it's not very likely that you would know the first song. So the changes are just things like that.

"The Return of the Word Spy" is different too - much more different! It's full of new information and ideas and drawings and activities - and there's even a page in Braille! There are also chapters about English grammar - with a definite emphasis on fun. (That may be hard to believe, but have a look and see what you think.)

I haven't read "L Is For Lollygag" but I've just looked it up and I think it's EXACTLY the kind of book that I and all the word spies out there would really enjoy - thanks for telling me about it.

lots of happy word spying and snooping to you,

from The Word Spy

PS It is absolutely fine to put a new question in a comment - or you can just send me an email at the address in the sidebar on the right-hand side of the blog page.

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  1. Do you mean Spy and Snoop are synonyms?

    From D. Singh

    Yes, I do! Perhaps "snoop" is a little more slangy than "spy" though.

    best wishes, The Word Spy


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