Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why is there a double L? from Lucas

Dear Word Snoop,

I was wondering why the word "llama" has a double L?

Yours in fandom, Lucas (with one L)

Dear Lucas (with one L),

Well, (oops, there's a double L!) the thing is,llamas come originally from Peru, so that's where the word comes from too.And in Spanish, which is the language now spoken in Peru, double L actually makes a different sound when you say it. So "llama" is pronounced "Yama". Although if you're a Spanish-speaker from Argentina or Uruguay you pronounce it like a "sh" sound. So "llama" becomes "shama".

Hmm. If you DID have a double L at the start of your name, you could be "Yucas" or "Shucas." (!)

Thanks for being my fan, your friend, The Word Shnoop

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