Sunday, July 26, 2009

Puzzled from Maylee

Hello to the Word Snoop,

Today I am doing a jigsaw puzzle. It is a picture of a very big black cat. There are one hundred pieces.

Do you like doing jigsaws where you live?

Thank you for the funny book. I wonder, why are jigsaw puzzles called jigsaw puzzles? Maybe you know.

Goodbye. Maylee

Dear Maylee,

I love doing jigsaw puzzles. I love the way the picture grows so slowly, sort of the opposite of turning on the tv. (Unless your tv doesn't work very well of course.)

A jigsaw is actually a special kind of saw. It's good for cutting curves, not just straight lines. When jigsaw puzzles were first invented over 200 years ago in Britain, the wooden pieces were cut with a jigsaw. So that's why they began to be called jigsaw puzzles.

Nowadays most jigsaw puzzles are made with machines in factories. Sometimes they are cut by lasers. So maybe they should be called "laser puzzles"....

I bet you like doing jigsaw puzzles on the computer. It's easier, because you can't lose any pieces, or accidentally tip the table over and have all the pieces fall on the floor.

Still, sometimes nothing beats a good old-fashioned wooden or cardboard jigsaw puzzle! Good luck with your big black cat.

from your puzzled pal, The Word Snoop

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