Monday, March 27, 2017

Learn to SPEAK Latin camp? Ita vero!

Dear Spies,
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I alas am too old for this (and also I don't live in the USA) - but what a truly wonderful idea. An immersion camp for high school Latin students where you actually learn to SPEAK the language,not just read it! 

Camp activities will include:
  1. Reading and discussing in Latin a wide variety of authors from all eras of the language
  2. Sharing meals, games, athletics, and campfires all in Latin
  3. Recitations, competitions, dramatic interpretations, and lots of hilarity in Latin
  4. The formation of abiding, literary friendships with other young people your own age who are learning Latin and loving the humanities

Sigh. O quam felices sunt illos iuvenes!!!  (Visne mihi dare salem?)

yours, jealously, 

Explorator Verborum

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