Sunday, May 15, 2016

A cry for help! from a fellow word snoop

Dear Word Snoop,

Chapter 4 is a little hard. I just can't get REAE in the lipogram. The rest looks like it is AND DASTARLY CODES. I could really use some help on this,snooping is exactly what I love to do! But this one is a trickster. I love your book so far, and I hope I can get some help.

Thank you so much,
Your fellow word snoop
Post Scriptum (PS): I love your book so much, I hope there's a second one! 

(Post) Post Scriptum, (get it?) ;)
What is your favorite type of punctuation? 

Dear Fellow Word Snoop, (ah that makes me happy to write those words!)

So glad to hear from you. And to hear that you have enjoyed the book.

NOW  on that code...

Remember it's at the end of a chapter that deals with LIPOGRAMS - you know, when you leave a letter out of a word, or a sentence (or even a whole book!)

Have a look at the sentence here. I have turned it into a LIPOGRAM on P  (which means I have left out the letter P):

Remember it's at the end of a chater that deals with LIOGRAMS

And now look at the same sentence with the letter E left out:

Rmmbr it's at th nd of a chaptr that dals with LIPOGRAMS.

So now, going back to the code, to solve it you have to work out which letter of the alphabet has been left out. (I have put some little lines in to show you where the missing letters should be.) 

             -REA-E-    AN-   - ASTER-LY CO-ES

A good way to start to work out a lipogram code is just to go through the alphabet. Try putting an A in the place of the missing letters of the first word:  


Hmm. That's not a word. Let's try B: 


Not a word either... But keep going like that - it won't take you long to work it out. Let me know how you go!!

Till next time, 

You-  f-iend, the Wo-d Snoop

POST SCRIPTUM  There is a second book - and even a third. The second one is called "The Return of the Word Spy" and the third one is called  "The Word Spy's Activity Book"

POST POST SCRIPTUM  Hmm I wonder if you can work out my favourite punctuation mark??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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