Friday, November 20, 2015

Trés curieux! from La Word Spy

Dear Spies and Snoops,

I wonder if any of you can speak French?  Because the Word Spy found this very puzzling rebus puzzle in the window of a hairdresser in Paris,  offering 20 per cent off the next hair cut to anyone who can work out what it means!  

A rebus puzzle is one that uses pictures to show the sounds of words. To work this puzzle out you will have to know French pretty well.  To start you off, have a look at the first picture. It is of a glass of milk. Now in French, the word for milk is "lait" which is pronounced "lay".  Another word in French which is pronounced "lay" is "les" which is the word for "the". Hmm, so I think the first word of this puzzle is PROBABLY  "les".

But then again - maybe not. Look at the next picture. It is a person with a question mark. So probably the French word for "who" - "qui" pronounced "kee". It is followed as you see by the letter "p".  So perhaps it is "l'équipe", which is French for "the team" pronounced "laykeep"...

Phew - this is exhausting - and only one word!  I wonder, can you help me?

Ton amie, la Word Spy

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