Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's Betty Autumn - she's back!

Dear Word Snoop,

Luke and Ezra are both younger than I am. Luke turns 7 on Saturday and Ezra is 1. Luke is old enough to do Word Snooping, but just one or two words at a time (Yesterday he snooped "traffic jam" from a book called "Seasons" by a man with a very funny pen name: Blexbolex.)

From Betty Autumn
PS - I just learned about "it" and "it's" from Chapter 5 of "The Return of the Word Spy." That was really interesting

Dear Betty - ah thank you ​for telling me about your brothers. And as always great to hear of things you have enjoyed learning about in "The Word Spy/Snoop" books. It's great that it's interesting in itsinformation!
​your pal, the Word Snoop​

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