Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A hidden code from Jonathan

Dear Word Spy,
How much do you like words on a scale for one to ten (eleven or more is also accepted)?
I really like your books, and I can't wait for the next one.
Do you suffer from falling in love with words and end up using them always in a sentence
I have hidden a code in here and you must learn to read between the lines.
How good is your spellcheck? I am sorry if you find my questions crazy but QUESTions are what-
If you find it hard, selecting may help. Every line you see, another is hidden for thee.
-they are. Do you know what an Enigma machine is? I have an Enigma-E machine which I made-
I am only ten years old and I am addicted to reading, codes and ciphers, math, drawing doodles,
-with a kit. I like writing like this it is like having two conversations with one person at the same-
(Did you know replacing words for something is called coding and replacing letters ciphering?) etc...
-time. Please Email back and goodbye the Word Spy.Public and Privately 

PS don't stop trying to read between the lines.

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