Monday, April 22, 2013

Italian and English from Cleo

Hello Word Spy

I'm your biggest fan. I know 2 languages, English and Italian.
I'm wondering if you know a language that uses objects?

sincerely yours
Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy

Dear Cleo,

It is good to hear from my biggest fan way out there in the Milky Way!

That is wonderful that you know two languages. I think when you know another language, it just makes you love language more and more.

I know some other languages than English. I know some Spanish and some French and some Hebrew. I also learned two very old languages that people don't speak any more - Latin (the ancient Roman language) and ancient Greek. They all use objects I am glad to say!

But I don't know Italian - I wonder if you can write me a sentence in Italian? I would love that.

yours, multi-lingually,

The Word Spy

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