Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Extra! extra! read all about it! from Wanda and Karim

Dear Word Spy,

In our class we are looking at the names of newspapers.

We found out Herald is like a messenger-angel and Telegraph is like an old way of sending electronic messages.

There are also names like Guardian which is to protect you. Mirror is to show you what you look like. Clarion is like a trumpet to wake you up. Observer is looking at things quietly. Sun is shining a light on things so you can see. Courier is like a deliverer of messages. 

It's interesting, isn't it? We are starting our own newspaper. We had a vote and we are going to call it The Torch.

yours sincerely,

Wanda and Karim

Dear Wanda and Karim,

This is such an interesting thing to think about - thank you so much for writing to me about it! Sometimes there are words we see every day, like the name of a newspaper, and we never really think about what it might have meant at the beginning of its life.

I hope you will send me a copy of The Torch - I would really love to read it!

Yours, just waiting for the news,

The Word Spy

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