Monday, December 10, 2012

Huge, massive, colossal, gigantic, humungous, monstrous!!! from Miss Jeffery and 6C

Dear Word Spy,

As you know, Miss Jeffery and 6C have been working their way through The Word Spy books and Ursula’s The Game of the Goose. We wanted to let you know that this week we have finished reading both! Last term we worked on The Word Spy and some of the activity book and this time we did The Return of the Word Spy and more of the activity book; as well as The Game of the Goose. We have enjoyed all the books immensely!

We have a few activities left to complete for The Return of the Word Spy and our comprehension booklets for The Game of the Goose. Unfortunately we won’t get through all the wonderful things in The Word Spy Activity Book but Miss Jeffery has a few more things for our last week of primary school. We have loved learning about language and words and consider ourselves (just like our certificates say) ‘Fully Fledged Word Spies’! Even though we are moving on to high school we will continue to spy on words and learn more and more about them.

We would all like to say a big (huge, massive, colossal, gigantic, humongous, monstrous...) THANK YOU for all of your wonderful books and for all you have done for us this year. Your visit to us was a highlight of our final year of primary school! We were honoured to have you come to our Word Spy Secret Headquarters and are sad that it is the end of the year and we have to take all our things down to take home. Our Word Spy folders are now bursting with wonderful learning. They are so full in fact that Miss Jeffery hardly has room for books in her Word Spy chest!

Thank you once again and we hope you keep spying for us!

Your brilliant and intrepid Word Spies,

Miss Jeffery and 6C

Dear Miss Jeffery and 6C,

Ah, the end of the year - exciting and sad all at once! what a beautiful message to receive from you. I loved visiting your classroom and your AMAZING Word Spy Secret Headquarters. I simply can't explain what a wonderful experience it was to see all your clever, funny, imaginative explorations in the world of words. Truly a TOP experience of 2012.

AND how happy it made me to think of you all reading "The Game of the Goose" and to see and hear about all of Miss Jeffery's inspirational activities and your wonderings and  discoveries about the book. "The Game of the Goose" is very special to me, and now you have all made it even more special.

Can I send you the most BRILLIANT WORDY WISHES for your new lives and adventures as you go into high school? I think you are all very lucky to have had such a caring and imaginative teacher for your final year of primary - she'll be thinking of you, I know, and so will I be.


Good spying to you all,

from your pal forever,

The Word Spy

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