Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I challenge you! from Sophie

Dear Word Spy,

I have come up with a new language…

Double Pig Latin 

This is when you put Pig Latin on a word already in Pig Latin.

My name would be Phiesayoay. It sounds so cool.

I have also come up with another language:

This is when you change all the constants in your name into the closest vowel. My name would be Uooiie.
I challenge you to write an entire email in Vowelish!

From Sophie, Ophiesay, Phisayoay, Uooiie
Dear Uooiie (or do I mean Phisayoay?),
I am very astonished by these new languages - uou aue a ueuiouulou aoeueu Uoue Uou!
I wonder if any other of you spies out there have invented a language?
your pal, multilingually,
Uie Uoue Uou

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