Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hiint Hiint! and a Prrize

Dear Spies,

I am going to give you an extra hint on that troubling puzzle in the previous post.

The question is - after reading this next paragraph, can you work out what makes the Word Spy like what she likes?  (Hint: have a look at what is underlined)

The Word Spy likes tennis; her cousin Alyosha prefers ping pong. The Word Spy wants a pet alligator or a rabbit; Alyosha wants a gecko or a guinea pig. The Word Spy eats beetroot and scrambled eggs for breakfast; Alyosha eats plain toast. The Word Spy loves running; Alyosha prefers dawdling.

Got it??

Hey, how about this - the first person to get back to me with the right answer will win a special Word Spy magnifying glass - for being a super-extraordinary word spy!!

yours biliterally,

The Woord Sppy

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