Thursday, July 5, 2012

Do you mean...From Sam

Dear Word Spy,

It's Sam again! My birthday was yesterday and I got the Word Spy Activity Book from my Mum's parents!

The book is very enjoyable.

Now to the subject. On page 54 of riddle it says' say to the'L'e'fan't. Do you mean elephant?

Your medal winning word spy,

Dear Medal-wining Sam,

Thank  you for this message and I am GLAD GLAD and even HAPPY and DELIGHTED and lots of other things that you've got hold of the "Word Spy Activity Book". (And can I say Happy Birthday to You as well?)

Now I don't want to give away the answer to the riddle, but let's just say - "you're cooking with gas" !!!!

lots of warm wishes from your admiring Word Spy 

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