Saturday, December 3, 2011

From Word Spy in the making

Hi Ursula a.k.a the Word Spy,

I am a big fan of your two books about the Word Spy. My oh my, has it taught me much, as I love English but I'm terrible at grammar and punctuation - always the reason why I lose marks on my assignments.

It has me taught me what I have never known of, and makes me want to know more. Truly entertaining and inspiring. I hope you continue your series of the Word Spy. (Wish there was a Maths Spy)(I'm terrible at maths).

Hope to be as great a Word Spy as you someday.

-Word spy in the making, Age 13

Dear Word Spy in the making,

Now that is a great message! I'm sure you will be a great Word Spy one day, if you love English so much, and you are so curious and enthusiastic. Those are all the qualities that make a truly wonderful Word Spy.

BTW I think your grammar is fine, but you will notice that I have fixed up your punctuation! I hope you don't mind. Punctuation is a pesky thing, but it does help people read what you have to say, so I guess it's a strange mixture of pesky and helpful.

Keep on spying! I look forward to your next message,

your pal,

the Word Spy

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