Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fully sick, from A Worried Fan

Dear Word Snoop,

Where are you? Are you sick, ill, unwell, indisposed? Just you haven't answered any questions lately,

from a worried Fan

Dear Worried Fan,

Sorry! I haven't been sick, ill, unwell or indisposed, just on holiday in California! But now I am back bent over my desk, ready to answer questions.

Talking of the word "sick", it's certainly changed over the years. It started off meaning not feeling very well, which of course is still the main meaning of it. But then it came to mean in bad taste or even nasty, like "a sick joke." And now it also means something really fantastic, like, "I love that song - it's fully sick"!!

I wonder what it will mean next?

yours, in the best of health, the Word Snoop

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