Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nick the name from Nick

Dear Word Snoop,

I like your book. I like the nicknames in your book. I like nicknames.

Guess what my nickname is? Nick.

Or sometimes I also get called Cracker. Or Wassupdude. I don't know why.

I like Nick. My friend calls me Nick the Name. I like that too.

Was your nickname at school really Urk?

I am your fan, Nick

Dear Nick,

Thanks for this very nice letter, full of information!

Now I don't know what to call you, with all that choice.

And yep, my nickname really was Urk. Some of my friends still call me Urk. You can too, if you like.

Glad to know about all your nicknames,

from your urky pal, The Word Snoop

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