Friday, June 12, 2009

What language is that? from the Word Snoop

Dear Spies and Snoops,

Yes, today I'm writing YOU a letter. Have a look at this. What language do you think it is?

Me lifes onlah
se þis leoht onwrah

Look forward to your answers!

from Me (the Word Snoop and Spy)

I will put your answers up when they come through my gmail comment box. It may take a little while...


  1. I would say German except my dad speaks German and he says it's not German. So I say NOT GERMAN.

    from Dev

  2. Dear Word Snoop,

    This is a strange question. Your question I mean....

  3. What are the lines on top of the letters for? And the p looks wierd. Is it backwards language? except it doesn't make any sense backwards or forwards. from your fan Pieta

  4. I think it's a code. Like Pig Latin.


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