Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When you start, you can't stop reading it, from Benjamin

Benjamin in Mrs Perry's class at Cape Cod Hill School in New Sharon, Maine, has written a review of the brand new "The Word Snoop"! Here is what he says:

This book was a book about the history of the English language and special styles of writing . It even teaches you Pig Latin . When you start, you can't stop reading it and it has more than about 50 cool facts. Did you know that Benjamin Franklin wanted to get rid of the letters Y , J,W ,C ,X ,and Q?
Rating: 10

You can see this review on the website of Devaney Doak and Garret Booksellers, Farmington, Maine. http://www.ddgbooks.com/

Thank you Benjamin - that' s fantastic!

from your proud pal,

The Word Snoop

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