Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just too funny from Alanna

Dear Word Spy,

The word I like at the moment is SNORKEL. Whenever my brother says it, I just laugh and laugh.


from Alanna

Dear Alanna,

Whew! I know what you mean about - sorry, I have to catch my breath from laughing first.

Snorkel is DEFINITELY a very funny word. It seems to have started during World War Two in German submarines, as a kind of nickname for the tube of air that kept the engine of the submarine ventilated when it was underwater. Apparently it made a funny gurgling sound like someone snoring, so it might be that the word "schnorkel" comes from the the word to snore in German - "schnarchen."

Soon after this it began to be used all over the world as the word for the tube you put in your mouth that sticks above the water so you can breathe when you go - you've guessed it - snorkelling!!

Okay, I'm going now to do some more laughing.

Ho ho ho, from me, The Word Spy

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