Wednesday, April 1, 2009

But why did you write it? from Brenton

Dear 'The Word Spy'

I am a big fan of your work. Your book 'The Word Spy' was great. Why did you write it? and how long did it take for you to complete? Many drafts, or research?


Dear Brenton,

Thanks for the message and so glad to hear you liked my book.

Now, why I wrote it is a mystery. One day I just sat down at the computer and out it came. But it was pretty slow! because yes, you're right, there was LOTS of research and LOTS of drafts. Writing, writing, writing, reading, spying, clicking, listening, writing, writing,writing.

But like all good spies, I'm pretty patient. I kept watching and spying and writing and at last it was finished.

Hmm, now I think I'll have to write ANOTHER book.

from the Hypergraphic* Word Spy

* Um, this means someone who writes a lot

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